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Shaloo Dogra a Yogacharyaa from the Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, specialises in yoga, meditation, fitness and nutrition awareness.

She has been a wellness coach since 2009 and has a meditation practise of more than 25 years.

Shaloo is trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Iron Yoga.

Over the years, she has helped hundreds of people reach their physical and mental wellness goals through her Studio in DLF phase 1 Gurgaon, large audience Workshops and Video Sessions.

Her passion is wellness and she has been successfully running her sessions, through their application of Yoga, Ayurveda, Nature Cure and dealt with issues such as obesity, depression, skin ailments, thyroid disorders, anxieties, injuries, post cancer rehabilitation, heart disease, neuromuscular disorders and more.

Shaloo Dogra

Improving Health and Life



A structured way of living, a guide to be in Union with The Source. Building Presence through yoga asanas is an effective way for practicing mindfulness and keeping fit in the body.


No time to meditate? You may just already be meditating while painting, cooking in the kitchen or being mesmerised by the sky above.

Sitting, allowing what is… leading to One pointed concentration to be in union with The Source, The Truth… or whatever you choose to call It. Let us not find time or a technique to meditate. Let us just connect with Stillness, Silence and the Peace which is all around. One may need just one breath for that.

Here are a few mini meditations to connect with your True Nature:

Take a breath… Who is breathing you?

God is more personal and intimate than you ‘think’.

Nothingness – the Ultimate Truth.

Allow the Peace to shine through. It is here… not where the mind takes you. It is here.

Become Present… whose Presence is it? Can you claim this Presence… can you claim your eyes?

Fresh new day… fresh new moment.

Take a moment and fill yourself with happiness. Reasons will come.

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A result of body exercises. Enhancing the five elements of fitness – stamina, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

Fitness is not the same as health though… Health being a result of what and how we eat and what thoughts we believe.


Wellness is an unconditional state of being which goes deep and connects with everything...not limited to the body or mind. Love and respect for the self and all.

Wellness Coach
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Ranging from small group of 10 people to large audience (200+)

2- 3 hours

Full day

Off site


Workshop Modules:

Stress and Yoga

Breath awareness, Pranayama and meditation

Open Eyed Meditations (most popular)

Chair Yoga and Meditation 

Fat loss and Core rehab for Women (very popular)

Nutrition and Meal Plans

Yoga Asana and Meditation

Fasting, why and how

True Self

Spinal health and Body Mobility 

Spirituality in Everyday Life

Everywhere – Open Eyed Meditations in Free Verse

A Book by: Shaloo Dogra

Everywhere is a book for meditation. What is meditation? Can we be meditative with open eyes? Can we get a glimpse into the underlying truth which feels like ultimate peace and closer to home? It is time we close this gap between spirituality and everyday life in a world that suffers from false, illusory knowledge. What if we live from our essence everyday and be true to ourselves, so we can make better our short lives on this earth? Let us dig a little deeper and transcend from being intelligent to being wise.

SD Book Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, mediation has no linear time qualifiers. But if you are a

beginner and ready, all you may need is one great session.

Yes I do. ! Please email me regarding your queries for future retreats.

It’s not about you being able to do yoga, but you appreciating the

fact that you need yoga. Just like anyone who is not strong needs

strength training. Exercise is meant to support daily life needs.

Fascia and connective tissue health (which indicates flexibility)

only degenerates with age and yoga asana’s along with mental

untangling through meditations help immensely.

Since I do one to one sessions, your form while performing the asana’s are keenly observed and corrected. Specific exercises according to your particular body type and issue are facilitated which are not usually catered to in group classes. Many clients of mine to whom the doctor had said that they can not bend forward or squat fully are now doing beautiful yoga with the said motions with ease.

Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Also, this ‘use’ must be with correct alignments, that I am trained to observe.

My sessions start at 8.30am till 1.30pm daily for one to one sessions, video sessions etc. Workshops or retreats obviously follow different schedules.

Thank you! Though I must say, it all about practice. None of us are born doing headstands. A sincere and attentive practice, whenever possible is all that is required. Time is of no essence if those are your inputs. As for me, I was a casual asana practitioner earlier and got serious only about 15 years ago. My journey started with meditation in 1993 and that is my first love vis a vis body work. Asana practice I do with one major and not so secret input- Dhyan, attention or what I call inner wisdom which is my real Guru. I, as a coach, point you towards that in your practice, which helps to perform asanas with natural ease.

Simply call/E-mail/ WhatsApp me. According to the slots available, I will then personally meet with you or do a video session and then register you.

Every body is unique, but if you are keen on fat loss, I have a program with free weights within yoga which help immensely along with the great meal plans that I advise you on. Having said that, simple body weight drills may also be incorporated for a great result.

Nutrition awareness is never forced, keeping in mind your preferences.

My charges depend upon the amount of times you do sessions with me in a week/ month. But on an average one session is ranges from Rs 1200 – Rs 2500. Workshops rates are discussed privately depending upon a number of variables.

My visit to you was… I feel God sent. Being able to do your exercise routines has given me the confidence that my body is okay and strong. The various exercises done under your very vigilant eye have taught me the importance of correctness of exercise and posture for maximising the benefits from the exercise routine. My recent medical tests are a testimony to the same . My bone density is absolutely ok… You have helped me towards self regulation rather than forced regulation of diet… Your calm persona and very deep understanding of meditative techniques have percolated to me. You have edged me towards my peace.

B. Sahani

After I suffered from a mild stroke, I thought I would find Yogasanas to be difficult but Shaloo introduced me to yoga with awareness. This helped me with my balance, posture and strength. Combined with meditation, it was an experience in re-learning my body. Her sessions helped me on my road to recovery with speed healing.

K. Bali


I had tried yoga and gymming but nothing really motivated me long enough to generate a routine… working out with Shaloo has been a win-win situation… I truly appreciate her genuine encouragement. I have lost a few inches and definitely gained strength in my upper body. I feel stronger and fitter.

P. Mittal

Initially I was tired all the time (before joining Shaloo) but it was a great transformation afterwards… I had gone in a depression… but now I feel good about the way I look. God has been kind in introducing such an amazing lady in my life. She’s made me respect my body. Thank you God!

B. Khattar

My first experience with meditation was through Shaloo and I was converted with one session only. The importance of ‘mind over body’ in aiding healing is paramount and Shaloo’s intense sessions do just that. She has a very peaceful aura and hearing her voice immediately helps my patients and me, when she facilitates meditation and yoga sessions for us. Her techniques are simple and very informative.

Dr. Kanchan Kaur, Specialist Breast Surgeon

Medanta Cancer Institute


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Studio: G Block, DLF Phase 1, Sector 26, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Monday, Thursday, Friday 08:30 – 14:30

Tuesday and Wednesday 08:30 – 12.30